Chief Executive Officer
Albert Fisher
Board of Directors
Bridget Sharer
Kenneth Giaccio
Vice President-Finances
Edward Morvay
Edward Smith
Robert Fischer

Jamie Coke, Administrative Assistant/General

Maureen Franzio, Driver

Kenneth E. Yeutter, CPA

Charles W. Gabage, Attorney


Barbara Archie

Hope Coursey

John Rilley

Duralee Upshur

Amy Adams

Mission Statement

The Rural Development Corporation is a charitable tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) non-profit community based organization founded in 1972 by residents and non-governmental organizations in the rural most southernmost counties of New Jersey.

Its purpose was to improve the quality of life for undeserved and/or unserved areas and populations in rural locations throughout Southern New Jersey, primarily through community organization, outreach, working with governmental and other non-profit entities to facility community development and the provision of social services to the needy.

Special emphasis is given to areas and populations where geographic, transportation, social economic and other barrier prevent access to service by the community of no services exist.

While RDC has been involved in the development and the provision of many services such as job training, affordable housing, domestic violence, etc. its goal is to encourage the development of services and to only provide those services if or until sufficient interest and infrastructure exists for the community to permanently address these issues on their own, or the problem is abated.

The attention and resources of the Organization have been concentrated on the operation of a shelter for the homeless individuals and families in New Jerseys six southern counties(Cumberland Family Shelter ) and operation of a food bank and food distribution network servicing shelters, soup kitchens, emergency food pantries and other sites serving the needy (Southern Regional Food Center)

The Board of Directors may authorize the acceptance of financial contributions, clothing, food or other bequests to be used for the general purpose or for any special purpose of the Corporation.

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